UPDATE: Invitational Postponed

f42f04b590c553c67a76798f6098-grandeDespite our best optimism the weather is playing havoc with our event this weekend. Due to a number of team already unable to travel to New Albany and another really bad storm expected overnight and tomorrow we have decided to postpone our event. We will have a new date early next week. If you are registered for this event please check your email for updates.

More than anything we want to be able to run a safe and fair competition. When teams can’t make it, event supervisors can’t make it. This means not all events go on. Weather also creates hazardous traveling conditions and many teams have to travel 2 or more hours to get to us.

Please stay tuned for our new date soon.

2015 Invitational Will Run As Scheduled!

DSC_4995Weather is playing it’s part in this years Invitational. We are planning on running as scheduled unless there is a travel ban in our county (very unlikely at this point). We ask teams to use their discretion when traveling and to give extra time to arrive safely and ready to compete.

Check the Weather in New Albany, Ohio

99 Teams Registered For 2015 Invitational!

DSC_0084We are counting down to our 2015 Science Olympiad Invitational on Feb. 21.

As of right now, we have 99 teams registered to compete in Divisions B & C. This includes 9 National Qualifying Teams!

We are glad to be able to share this experience with our community and other local school districts. If you are central Ohio school district wanting to start the mother-load of all STEM programs, please contact us. We are happy to share how we do things for the love of science education!

New Albany Science Olympiad Featured In The Paper…

New Albany Science Olympiad was recently featured in a story by This Week: New Albany.

DSC_0032Our Invitational is of particular interest to our local community. Most people, including some new district administrators are unaware how big our program really is. They are always pleasantly surprised to find out that Central Ohio’s largest and most rigorous STEM competition is hosted by the New Albany Plain Local School District!

It’s actually one of the largest STEM competitions in the state!

This year, over 1500 middle and high school students from 8 states will compete in 23 science events. Our guest list includes 9 national qualifying teams as well as the best teams from all of Ohio.

The public is invited to observe many of our engineering competitions beginning at 8:30 am on Feb. 21 at the New Albany Learning Campus. Events include flying gliders, various vehicles, robot challenges, and even an event featuring student built air cannons that use only gravity as a power source!

Countdown is on for our 2015 Invitational

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe clock is ticking… we are ready to go for our 2015 Science Olympiad Invitational on February 21, 2015.

We currently have 47 Division B teams and 45 Division C teams from 8 states attending. Included will be multiple National Qualifying teams.

Our build/engineering events are open to the public starting at 8:30 am in our MS/HS gym complex. Competition ends at 3:00 pm.

Middle School SciOly Information Meeting Sept. 22

The Middle School Science Olympiad program is hosting an information meeting for parents and students on Monday Sept 22 at 7pm in the MS Cafe.

If you are interesting in participating in SciOly for the 2014-2015 season please make this meeting (even if you are a past member) or email NA SciOly for details.

At this meeting we will be detailing our program, the tryout process and providing the rules packets to study for tryouts.

2015 Science Olympiad Flyer and Tryout Application-PDF

High School (Div C) General Meeting Sept. 10

New Albany High School Science Olympiad will be having a general meeting on Sept. 10. We were 1st place in our Division C regionals last season. If you want to be part of our winning team (or just want to see what SciOly is all about) join us at this meeting.

General Meeting Division C
Sept. 10 @ 2:40PM
Room G101
Who? Anyone interested in Div C SciOly
Contact: Mrs. Love

Regional Champions!

New Albany High School won 1st place in the Division C regional tournament this past weekend with an incredible score of just 63 points!

New Albany High School Science Olympiad Regional WinOut of 23 events they won 7 First Place finishes, and 4 2nd place finishes going up against strong competitors from Dublin Jerome, Lancaster, Worthington Killborne and 17 other central Ohio High Schools. New Albany’s 2nd High School team ranked 6th.

New Albany Middle School Regionals 2014The New Albany Middle School team ranked 3rd beat by just 2 points for second place. Wins included a record score in boomilever which resulted in a first place finish in that event as well as 7 2nd place finishes and 4 3rd place finishes.

Both the High School and Middle School advance to the State Science Olympiad Tournament on April 26.

2014 New Albany Science Olympiad Invitational

New Albany Science Olympiad Award Presentation

Our 2014 Science Olympiad Invitational was a big success! We want to thank all the teams, coaches, event supervisors and volunteers that helped us to pull off this event.

We hosted 1400 students from 91 schools covering both Division B & C.  With about 3000 people on our learning campus our Invitational is the largest non-sports even hosted by our district!

Check out ThisWeek’s coverage prior to the event.

The date for our 2015 Invitational is set for Feb, 21, 2015. We’re look forward to seeing you then!

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